[Warning] – There are big, deep and meaningful questions enclosed in this Blog Post…

The first part of this Blog post is about mindset, precisely the mindset that is required to become successful as a high performing person (inside and outside Real Estate).

If you don’t like these ‘mindset’ conversations (this may be something you want to address), no worries, I got you covered with a brand new Real Estate training video (at the end).

The real estate training video, at the end of this post, will tactically train you how to secure more investment partners and buy more properties.

You Can’t Steal Second Base, Without Taking Your Foot Off First Base

Oh no, not another sports reference… Below I will share with you a very powerful, raw, and ‘off the cuff’ video, that hit the Facebook airwaves late last week.

Before sharing the Facebook video, I wanted to offer some you some context.

This video was created by a very high performing Real Estate investor, someone who has more than doubled his portfolio in the last year. This past month alone, he will be potentially adding another 27 units to his portfolio (and is potentially writing an offer on a 92 unit building).

But you see he has aspirations for more; big, bold, brave, audacious goals (1000+ properties), but he needs to first step into becoming a person capable of achieving these ambitious goals.

From my experience (personally, and working with some of the highest performing people). At the deepest level, it comes down to a feeling of worth & trust.

As warned, at the start of this blog post, here are the big deep meaningful questions…

Do you feel you are worthy of becoming successful?

And do you trust yourself to do the work required?

The thing you may not realize…

If you are feeling unworthy and not trusting yourself to achieve your ambitious goals, you’re not alone. That’s how high performing people think. At times, you may feel like you are lost, feel like you have no clue what you are doing.

Feeling scared, like a fraud, fearing that you will be exposed at a moments notice, and everything will come crashing down around you.  If you are feeling this, that’s ok, high performing people think & feel this way.

There is hope.

Fully addressing these questions is deep and meaning work and is a lifetime pursuit of personal development.

To start the awareness process, and to borrow a Brene Brown (Rising Strong) concept … These are the stories you are telling yourself.

At a core root of this story, you are hating on yourself.

We often fear the haters ‘out there’ and most peoples biggest haters live within

The conversation of worth, and trusting yourself is a very DEEP and meaningful conversation, something that we cannot fully solve in a simple blog post.  My intention with this post is for empathy, encouragement, awareness and to start opening the door for you to have a conversation of personal development work.

Plus to share an inspiring video with you.

There is a famous Jim Rohn quote:

“Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you’ll make a living, and if you work hard on yourself, you can make a fortune.”

The deep inner work you complete will make more of a difference in your success as a Real Estate investor than learning the ‘next new hottest’ investing strategy.

Sometimes all it takes is:

  1. Someone to believe in you, provide you with the opportunity to shine
  2. Give yourself permission to step into your next version of yourself
  3. Make the commitment
  4. Do the work
  5. Keep yourself accountable, doing the work, every day
  6. Course correct when things are off path
  7. Keep your enthusiasm high when things are not working
  8. Trust the process

Simple, but not easy. If you follow the above formula, you will become successful, eventually.

One final note, before the Facebook video…

  • I believe in you
  • You have permission to step into the next version of yourself
  • Trust yourself to do the work
  • You’re worth the investment.
  • Go get ’em Tiger…

To watch this powerful Facebook video message.


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Russell Westcott
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You Can’t Steal Second Base, Without Taking Your Foot Off First Base.

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