Focus & Consistent Action Pays Off

Funny, a couple of weeks ago popped up on Facebook was the first video I created and then today popped up from one year ago my view staring into the lens of a video camera.

On that post, from a year ago, I mentioned about having a fear of looking into a video camera; sharing my thoughts, ideas, frameworks, encouragement, and inspiration.

Still, have that fear. Each- And- Every- Time. I hit the record button


Still did it anyways

Interesting how my view has not changed much in a year… well with the exception of a few more ‘gadgets’ added to the mix (sorry sweetie) 😉

The last year has been quite a creative journey

Over the past year (mostly in the last 9 months)


  • Filled two- 5 TB hard drives with video content
  • Produced more than 147 hours of high-quality video content
  •  Another 100+ hours of videos sitting on various hard drives waiting to see the ‘light of day’

Now the issue is not the quantity, quality and depth of the content, it is the distribution to a wider audience and impact more lives.

The next mountain to tackle is; DISTRIBUTION.

You can’t positively impact peoples’ lives by having videos locked away on a hard drive (or locked away in your head).

The core intention of this post is to inspire you, if you are feeling fearful about something, lean in, do it, and you will be amazed at what can happen in a couple of years of focus and doing the work.


No matter what you have done… There is ALWAYS another level

If there is something you want to do… START TODAY

Time to get my boots on, do the work, help and serve others at a higher level.

Time to LEVEL UP

Russell Westcott
#Inspire # Encourage #Love

PS… if you would like to check out some of the video content, you may want to check out this four part series


What Can Happen In a Year

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