Top Analyst Calls Alberta Real Estate Market The Best Real Estate Investment In Canada

The Alberta Real Estate market is in the early stages of its next growth cycle.

In this video, join me and Ben Rabidoux from Edge Analytics for a Real Estate in a discussion about why Alberta Real Estate is the best Real Estate market in Canada right now, and why now might be a great time to jump in with both feet.

Video Chapters:

0:00 // Introduction.
0:08 // Bullish On Alberta Real Estate
0:28 // Real Estate affordability
0:56 // Economic outlook for Alberta
1:37 // Low cost of doing business
2:06 // Tech start-ups booming
2:15 // Population growth
3:00 // Resale market
3:30 // Months of inventory
3:55 // Housing sells at a discount to national averages
4:45 // Future population growth numbers
5:22 // Interested in the Alberta market, book a consultation

The Key Takeaways:

  • Buying Alberta properties at a discount to the National housing price index
  • Strong economic forecast for the Alberta market and Real Estate prices
  • Alberta Population is growing
  • Supply of housing is shrinking, price growth is increasing
  • Excellent time to invest in Alberta Real Estate

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Top Analyst Calls Alberta Real Estate Market The Best Real Estate Investment In Canada

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