This Too Shall Pass…

There is a famous quote in the success bible, Think & Grow Rich, by Napolean Hill

“Every Adversity, Every Failure, And Every Heartache Carries With It The See Of An Equivalent Or Greater Benefit”

This quote is a perfect backdrop to the recent conversation I shared with my good friend Michael Ponte on his expert investor interview series.

Very honoured to share some of my almost two decades of investing experience and some first-hand stories of dealing with challenging market conditions.

In this exclusive interview, we covered some essential topics, such as:

  • How does the current Real Estate investing environment feel vs. previous challenging markets
  • Top lessons learned from dealing with challenging market conditions
  • Opportunities that came from these challenges
  • Actions to protect yourself & clients
  • How investors are reacting to this crisis
  • How to prepare for the upcoming opportunities
  • Is now a good time to be buying or selling
  • Some of the most important things investors should consider when buying investment properties
  • Communication strategies with your investment team
  • Best advice to investors that are just getting started and interested in getting into the market

Enjoy this exclusive video interview presentation…


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This Too Shall Pass…

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