Thank you for all the feedback from last week’s value-packed blog post and Podcast Episode.

Not every day do you have the opportunity to watch and listen in ‘over my shoulder’ with an exclusive conversation with a Real Estate investor and their team that has transacted more than 5.1 Billion in assets and still growing.

Crazy to think you didn’t even have to leave the comfort of your home or mobile device to tap into more than four decades of experience.

We’re just getting warmed up. Just wait to see what’s in store over the coming months.

Sooo, what about the Real Estate Market?

Real Estate is a top-of-mind topic right now; is it up? Down? How much? Time to sell? Time to buy? Are prices now affordable?

I’ve been in the Real Estate game for more than 20+ years, and markets are in constant flux.

Always remember Real Estate is hyper-local and a health market is driven by sound fundamentals and a few key investment pillars;

  1. Strong economic growth (GDP) & infrastructure investment
  2. Positive population growth
  3. People working – with low unemployment and earning high wages
  4. Low cost of living
  5. Affordable housing
  6. Identify your ideal target tenant profile
  7. Matching the right tenant to the right property in the right area

Buy the right property in the right area, rent to the right tenant and in 15-20 years, you’ll have an asset significantly worth more than you paid for the property. Plus, you could own a fully paid off home with significant positive cashflows.

Simple, right?

But how do you venture forward when the media headlines tell you to ‘tap the brakes’ and slow down?

Bottom line, you have to choose:

  • Choose who you listen to, what you watch and read
  • Choose what you focus on
  • Choose to aim higher and separate yourself from the pack
  • Choose to ask for help and seek guidance from people who have been down this road before you.
  • Choose your conversations and the people you surround yourself with

… You can choose to move forward.

This week alone here is just a tiny sampling of the amazing conversations I’ve had:

A young couple in a resort area is receiving above projected occupancy on their Air B ‘n B listings. As a result, they are creating an informational video series to attract investors to buy more properties alongside them. They sought guidance on making these videos, the key message, story telling tactics and technical components.

A dynamic Real Estate duo that operates in one of the most affordable markets in Canada is starting to see a flood of out-of-town investors. As a result, they are updating all their web materials and investment packages with solutions and opportunities to help the out-of-towners.

A savvy tech entrepreneur and Real Estate investor is now ready for Alpha testing a self-management web-based Property Management platform focused on providing solutions for self-managing investors.

One investor has recently dusted off their ‘we buy houses’ landing pages, Facebook ads, and lead generation marketing campaigns. Homeowners will be looking for more flexibility in their buying options, and my client will be ready to help.

And this was only part of the week. Each of these investors chose to move forward, focusing on the opportunities and are looking for leadership and guidance.

If you have a positive mindset and focus daily on the process, not the doom and gloom headlines, you will uncover the opportunity in the market.


“What You Choose Also Chooses You.” ~ Kamand Kojouri

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The Real Estate Market Is What You Choose To Make It

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