“Concentrate on finding your goal, then concentrate on reaching it.”~Col. Michael Friedsam

In times of frustration, stress, and uncertainty, you don’t need feel-good memes or positive affirmations…  You need focus, purpose, and doing the work required.

Some in-depth strategies to build your focus (adapted from one of my mentors, Les Hewitt, author of “Power of Focus.”)

  1. Strengthen your habits
  2. Create optimum balance
  3.  Build excellent relationships
  4. Cultivate your confidence
  5. Ask for what you want
  6. Consistent persistence
  7. Take decisive action
  8. Live on purpose

Highly encourage you to pick up The Power of Focus book and lean into the deep work and wisdom within that classic.


Stay focused…

Russell Westcott
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The Power of Focus…

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