Fortunes Are Going to be Made in the Next 18 months, if You’re Well Positioned…

This is a big week.

Two reasons:

1. As anticipated, The Bank of Canada raised their key interest rate by another 75bp. This increase represents the 5th time this year (from .25% to 3.25%).

But for Real Estate investors with mortgages still to pay off, it’s money leaving your pocket.

And while the rate is still paltry compared with the 70’s and 80’s … a lot of RE investors with zero/near-zero profit margins will be panicking.

And THAT … is why you should be interested in Reason #2:

2. I’m going to start sharing with you 4 stories of some of my most successful clients.

Who are either not the least bit bothered by rising interest rates … or are openly delighted.

And I’m hoping these stories will show you why right NOW is the best time to be in the Real Estate Investment business!

In fact, I’ll be sharing the stories over the next two weeks.

And it’s time for you to meet the first one:

Derek Peever

You’ll see a familiar strain running through these stories.

It’s a four-word strain: Rich Dad Poor Dad. The book hadn’t long been out when Derek encountered it, but it had the same effect on him as it did on me.

At the time, he was just a tugboat deckhand. But by 2006, he’d bought his first condo. Got into the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) in 2009, and went through my Joint Venture Secrets training program. By the time I met him, he’d scaled up to 5 or 6 properties.

5 or 6.

That’s the problem with this business. You start getting so successful, for long enough, that the numbers blur in your memory.

Not that it matters. After he soaked up my Joint Venture Secrets … he really started to take off.

“I’d read a ton of books and gone to a ton of seminars, but Russell showed me how to deal with rejection. Where to look for deals, how to spot a deal that might look good on the surface but was a disaster waiting to happen. He showed me how to market myself. He understands innately the psychology of real estate.


“In 15 years, I’ve gone from just one condo rented out, to over 150 properties, with a total value cap of $100 million. That doesn’t include another few dozen I’ve bought and since sold.


“My business model is rather niche. I call it the Jewel in the Crown approach. I buy only A-sites … the top 2 or 3 units in any condo building, and only if I know it’s at least 80% owner-occupied, in an urban-village area – lots of greenery, pedestrian walkways, high-end shops nearby. And I rent them furnished and well-stocked, to corporate clients. That way, the renter quality is top-notch and the income steady.”

Tugboat deckhand, remember.

Says Derek again:

“Would I still be a successful real estate investor if I hadn’t met Russell Westcott? Probably.


“But AS successful? Definitely not.


“Think I’d still be stuck managing a few marginal rentals. Making some money, but not growing wealth. Russell pointed out some sinkholes in my trajectory. And I would have fallen into them if he hadn’t pointed them out.”

Apologies if that sounds like I’m tooting my own horn. That’s not why I’m sharing the story, really I’m not.

(He’s actually giving me way too much credit, and himself too little.)

The secret behind Derek’s success in building more than a $100 Million portfolio is …

He didn’t try to do it alone. Instead, he sought out people who had wisdom and insights that could take him forward.

He was supported and guided by a community of investors who have been through all market conditions (good, bad & the ugly).

Derek’s story is relevant for two reasons:

1. In the next 2 years, interest rate rises will turn the Real Estate investment business upside down.

A TON of properties are going to come on the market, as people who’ve not thought ahead dump their properties out of desperation.

This means a ton of OPPORTUNITIES. For investors who have thought ahead.

2. You will soon have the opportunity to create similar types of results for yourself. My flagship training program is opening its doors again.

What I just said about investors who have thought ahead?

Part of thinking ahead is being incredibly well connected with people who are smarter and more experienced than you.

Support and seeking guidance from a community of like-minded experts will be critical to navigating the waters ahead.

Stay tuned for your exclusive invitation to join the ranks of some of the most successful Real Estate Investors.

The doors are not yet open. Once opened, registration will only be available for a short period!

In my next story, you’re going to meet The Rainmaker from Sudbury.

Who’s chomping at the bit for interest rates to keep going up!

Russell Westcott
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