126 Success Stories Can’t Be Wrong


So you’ve now heard 4 real stories … Derek, Zach, Tara, Rich

Four real people who’ve met incredible success as real estate investors.

And there are 4 things (besides real estate investing) they all have in common:

1. They are not outliers

I had to pick 4, just to make it manageable.

If I’d said I was going to tell you 126 success stories, you’d have changed channels on me. Fact is, though, you can go hear 126 (at last count) success stories on my blog, podcast and YouTube channel.

And every one of them is incredible, unique and at the same time, typical.

2. They don’t think they’re anyone special

If you sat down any one of the 4 (or the 126), and tried to bow down in front of them, kiss their hand, or sing their praises …

… they’d stop you instantly and say, What are you doing???

I’m just a regular guy or gal! Just providing for the family, and having fun along the way. I’m no Einstein.

They really are quite humble about their success. Grateful for it, and for the friends and lessons they’ve acquired along the way.

All they did was dare to dream big, and take action.

3. They are nowhere near finished

On the contrary … they’ve been bitten by the bug.

That’s the thing with RE investing: Once you get started … it’s almost impossible to stop.

Too much fun.

Too many awesome people and discoveries.

You start to realize, the Sky Has No Limit. You start seeing opportunities everywhere. You’re like a kid who’s just learned to ride a bike, and someone hands you a guitar, or a boat, or a hang-glider …

You get hooked on the adventure and freedom Real Estate Investing provides.

Derek Peever is expanding to Texas. Zach Cahill? His 5th province. (Or maybe it’s his 6th now, lost track.)

But hey, what about the money?

Oh sure, it’s great. But trust me, it pales in comparison to the FUN.

4. They love helping others get successful too

The last thing, the last thing Rai$ing Capital Academy members want to do…

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… and how much Better You Feel about Yourself.

The doors of Rai$ing Capital Academy are open now.

This is the best opportunity you’ll ever have to carve out a new life and new path for yourself.

Don’t delay. Act now.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside …

Russell Westcott
#Inspire # Encourage #Love

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