The 10 Steps To Raising Capital Mastery

Special Thank You to Sarah Larbri for being a guest on her Podcast.  Where Should I Invest?

As a central theme on this episode we went in-depth into The 10 Steps To Raising Capital Mastery- a detailed blueprint of action steps to take you from zero to hero.

Use these steps guide as your map to master the art & science of Raising Capital.

The 10 Steps are as follows:

  1. Decide this is skill you want to master
  2. Set a specific goal. What do you want
  3. Attach emotion (your why) to your journey. What price will you pay
  4. Identify the critical success events (CSE)
  5. Visualize (success & failure) look like
  6. Practice, in a safe environment
  7. Measure your progress, in the real world
  8. Surround yourself with people Rai$ing Capital.
  9. Continue setting higher goals
  10. Share/ document your journey.  Lead, encourage and inspire others to greatness.

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The 10 Steps To Raising Capital Mastery

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