The 1 Thing Successful Real Estate Investors Never Do.
(Hint: It’s all about when deals go BAD …)

Time for the 3rd story!

Tara Atkinson fell into real estate investing.

Growing up, all of her friends and family had some small biz on the go. That’s just what you did in the BC interior.

Restaurants, gas stations, automotive shops, school buses, ranches, tow trucks, logging trucks …

And she was following the well-worn pattern …

When her grandfather passed away, and the family cabin in Tulameen came up for grabs.

No one else in the family wanted it. But not wanting it to leave the family, she sold her convertible … and became an investor through the back door.

That cabin now gets rented out in the winter, with family members using it in the summer. (And its value has now grown to, as Tara puts it … “silly BC values!”)

But back then, it became a useful line of credit, when she bought out her dad’s gas station.

Her appetite whetted, in 2006 she bought a 25-unit apartment building, and has since added several other properties.

Not bad for an Accidental investor.

But this isn’t what makes Tara’s story so interesting.

Nope. What makes it interesting is what went WRONG. And how she fixed it.

In a local real estate group, she’d made some deals with other members.

And very quickly … those deals started going sour.

Not just one. Several.

Big money lost, group members suing each other, toxic relationships, reputations damaged … and Tara’s self-confidence blown.

This was a BAD IDEA. Who was I to think I could be a successful real estate investor? I’m getting OUT!

Real easy to think like that when deals go bad.

Tara didn’t.

Instead, she reached out to me.

The 1 thing successful real estate investors don’t do, in case you haven’t realized …

… is try to solve problems on their own.

Fast forward:

Tara’s not out of the woods yet. A couple of deals still to resolve.

But only a couple. And more importantly …

She’s got her confidence back.

The sun is shining. She’s even expanded one of her properties, a mini-storage. And she’s got all sorts of ideas and projects stewing.

Says Tara:

I’m really good with numbers, but sometimes the numbers don’t mean everything. What happens on paper doesn’t always happen in real life.


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The 1 Thing Successful Real Estate Investors Never Do

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