There’s so many reasons to admire Russell Westcott! When choosing someone to aspire to, it’s wise to ensure they’ve achieved the results you want in ALL aspects of life. Not only is Russell a full-time Canadian-based real estate investor, author, educator, and an inspirational public speaker, but Russell is happily married. So many “gurus” expound the secrets to health, happiness and wealth, but their personal lives are in shambles. Not so with Russell! By setting a great example in self care, in his rock solid relationship with his wife and children, and in his business relationships, Russell exemplifies the qualities I want for myself as a real estate investor and as a person.

Before quitting my job as a General Duty RCMP officer to invest in real estate full time, I’d listened to thousands of hours of Russell’s presentations while commuting, working out, and when driving around in circles in my police car. Russell’s lessons are always highly researched, and his knowledge and experience runs both wide and deep. You’ll hear what works, what doesn’t(with genuine stories most people wouldn’t share), and you’ll always get the truth!

Russell’s mentorship, both from afar and in person, was instrumental in helping me build the courage to do what was best for my family: acquire enough property to buy my time back and leave a secure(yet very demanding) job. Thanks for the help Russell, I couldn’t have done it without you and your body of work. It’s been a blessing to know you, and I’m ever grateful for the too-few genuine people like you who allow the rest of us to “stand on the shoulders of giants.”

Thanks for being my giant!