Success Zombies…

I heard this term used this morning and… guilty as charged!

A Success Zombie can be described as someone who listens to every podcast, buys every book, listens to every motivational speaker, and attends every single conference.  They acquire all of this knowledge, but don’t take any action toward creating anything.

This past weekend, Corinne and I decided to tackle a project that has been on our list for years (isn’t that what long weekends are for), we decided to go through all the stuff (not the first word I used) that has been accumulating for the past 10+ years in our crawl space.

Cleaning out one of the many bins I have of personal & professional development materials, I came across an entire bin full of training materials on ‘making money in the stock market’.  I bought these programs well over 14 years ago and, well you guessed yesterday was the first time I actually looked at in 14 years. 

These programs have gone through multiple different moves and have taken up space (physical, mental & emotional) for all those years.

My best estimation for the past 20+ years I have invested 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars into personal and professional development programs, and embarrassingly to say, most of them I have done nothing with it.

I have a very impressive “Shelf Help” collection of personal development.  Shelf help are those programs/books/ DVD’s that you own that never leave the shelf and you do nothing with them.

I got addicted to the message of personal development, and why not it all sounds so amazing.  Just look at all the things you can have after going through these personal development programs. 

I forgot to realize the most important ingredient of ALL personal development is:


That’s it, it’s that simple.  A blue-collar work ethic coupled with a relentless will, is the ‘secret sauce’ to accomplish anything.

It’s time to roll-up your sleeves and get your hands dirty

This post is meant to inspire you to not make the same mistake I did.  Take a look at the personal development programs & books you already have in your life, be grateful, and do something with one of them today.

It’s one thing to buy a good book, it’s another thing to actually read it, and the most important part of the equation is to actually do something with this new-found knowledge.  Your bookcase will have fewer books and have less clutter, but your brain & life will be fuller.

The biggest impact we can have as individuals is by living our purpose. People who live their purpose are driven by a force bigger than themselves.

I do believe that if we all use our unique gifts to inspire and encourage other and if you always come from a place of love, this will make a difference.

A final thing to remember is patience.  To create something will take time, a great quote I recently heard by Warren Buffet states:

“you can’t make a baby in a month by getting 9 women pregnant”

Don’t beat yourself up over the small bumps in the road, it’s just a part of the process.

Do not get attached to the timeline… it will take the time it takes.  Get attached to the work it will take every single day.

Today’s the day… do the work!

Russell Westcott
#Inspire #Encourage #Love


Success Zombies

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