The housing market plays a vital role in Canada’s economy — both personally and broadly. Anyone who has been involved in the housing world long enough knows that the market is a cyclical space. To prove that point, we are inviting an exceptional guest to sit down with us today, and that’s no other than Erwin Szeto.

Erwin is more than a real estate agent. He’s a passionate, driven, and engaged entrepreneur who likes to share his blessings with others. What is more, Erwin is an expert in his field and knows his market like no other. He is also a mentor specializing in Hamilton to the Niagara Region.

Today we got a chance to talk to this savvy industry expert as he shared some exciting golden nuggets with us. Our talk for today revolves around the state of the Eastern Canadian housing market, buying properties for your children, the importance of having a pension plan and more. Make sure to listen through the end because we’re dropping a big announcement that you don’t want to miss!

In this interview we look upon these relevant topics:

  • Buying properties for your kids and having a pension plan
  • What is the importance of an excellent foundational understanding of how to make money, what they can do and how to invest it?
  • Not exchanging time for money but making your money make money
  • What does Erwin’s business look like right now?
  • Building real estate businesses around solutions to help people move forward
  • Advice on understanding your niche and real estate market
  • How to structure your financing to bust through that five mortgage myth rule?
  • How do you handle capital gains as a real estate investor to optimize your business?

Erwin Szeto is one of Canada’s top influencers in real estate investing. He is the founder of the Infinity Wealth Investment Network, a membership group of like-minded real estate entrepreneurs who meet once per month. Erwin founded the iWIN Real Estate, a group of veteran real estate investors who coach investors from the Toronto area to achieve wealth and are the four-time winning team of Real Estate agents of the year. He also runs a podcast and owns a white belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Enjoy this episode…

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RWP 104-The Fate of Eastern Canada Real Estate Market

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