Strategically Renovate & Reposition Multi Family Apartment Buildings

Are you ready to take the ugliest properties and transform them into the nicest? You’ve come to the right show, and you’re in luck because today, we’re dealing with all of that.

Joining us in the podcast is this real estate professional who’s seen all the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Mark Loeffler is relentless in his pursuit; after buying his first investment property at age 25, he became the industry’s Jack of all trades.

Now he’s already owned more than 100 units and is running 20 years in the business. There’s no doubt that Mark is made for this line of work. He has the guts and power to do all things real estate. In this episode, Mark will be sharing his story with us. Learn how he mastered the art of buying ugly houses and making them as a rolling income.

In this talk, we discussed some interesting, key points such as:

  • What did Mark learn from his years of experience and the process he’s been through to be where he is today?
  • How he’s gone into some of the worst neighborhoods and picking up properties in the worst conditions
  • What made him decide that real estate was the path he wanted to go down?
  • Learning the tenant first strategy and the harmony of real estate
  • Where does he get the capital to close these properties?
  • Telling how he’s been able to use his pivot strategy in the Alberta market
  • On leveraging other people’s time and hiring people to work for you
  • What’s next for Mark in the real estate investing realm?

Curious? Let’s jump right into this episode to find out more.

Mark is an experienced real estate sales representative, team leader, and CEO of the Mark Loeffler Team. He is also the author of two bestsellers – Investing in Rent-to-Own Property – A Complete Guide for Canadian Real Estate Investors, Fix & Flip The Canadian How-To Guide for Buying Renovating and Selling Property for Fast Profit. During his years, he’s become a proponent in helping hundreds of investors with his series of seminars to guide them in realizing their dreams of property ownership.


Enjoy this episode…

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RWP 103-Strategically Renovate & Reposition Multi Family Apartment Buildings

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