Multi-family properties are in a sky-rocket right now. With the potential financial benefits that come along with it, there’s no doubt that real estate investors are getting their hands on these types of property to build more cash flow.

In addition, its flexibility allows you to expand your growing real estate investment portfolio. However, with every business opportunity comes a tied-up risk. But don’t worry, this episode got you covered, so be ready to go ALL OUT.

Pierre-Paul Turgeon is here with us today to help us better understand how one can make a leap and transition from single-family to multi-family properties.

He will also walk us through the advantages and disadvantages of it. As well as, teaches us how his framework called the MOSES plan, would be of use as we analyze and mitigate risks about investing in multi-family properties.

In this session, we dove headfirst into the complex topics of:

  • How can you raise capital from single-family to multi-family estate
  • When did Pierre-Paul take the big step of becoming a real estate investor
  • The art and science of raising money
  • Importance of selecting your partners carefully
  • The Four Rental Risk Factors Framework
  • Market Risk: What kind of market are you investing in
  • Price Valuation Risk: How much are you paying for the property
  • Investor Risk: How do you need to convince people to assess risk factors and mitigate them fully
  • It would help if you started with yourself first and then served others along the way
  • The MOSES plan framework
  • Don’t “over-leverage” your financing

And so much more.

Pierre-Paul Turgeon is the President of Matterhorn Real Estate Investment. As a former CMHC underwriter, he has analyzed hundreds of apartment deals. Paul has shared a great piece of unparalleled knowledge regarding multi-family residential real estate investment.


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