The right team of people around us is critical to success in this game of Real Estate Investing.

On this panel you have access to learn from An Investor Who:

  • Has raised their first $250,000 outside of family and friends
  • Is making the transition from doing Joint Ventures to raising capital from the general public
  • Has transacted more than 2,000 properties and now generously helps others
  • Has surpassed the 2.3 Billion dollars in transactions

Each of these experts are members and contributors to our community.

In-depth, we dove head first into the detailed topics of:

  • Credibility, how to build your credibility as a Real Estate Investor. The starting point of credibility is to get a reference and the importance of a good team surrounding you
  • The key character traits & habits to successfully raise capital
  • Creating your first ‘presentation pitch’ package, and how your presentation improves over time
  • How you do something is how you do everything
  • The importance of time, patience, consistent and relentless pursuit when attracting capital
  • Stories of their first investor partners, and how all their journeys started from humble beginnings, focusing on one property at a time.
  • The importance of getting your first deal done, and how your investors will refer you to others.  There are investors and there are people who will refer you to investors.
  • The relationships are key and everyone knows at least 8 people
  • The unlikely sources of finding investor partners
  • The importance of getting known for something, what is your repeatable story, then stick with it.


  • How keeping your deals consistent can help streamline the process and have people saying yes.
  • How to overcome the fear and uncomfortable feeling of talking about money
  • The power of story to help you raising money for your deals
  • How to use the “would you put your money into this deal yourself” filter
  • How to believe in your deals and not be shy to ask people for money
  • How to segment your list, and communicate your deals effectively with your investment partners
  • How to quickly get to the point and be able to explain your deals in less than 20 seconds.
  • Understanding the ‘three types of money’
  • The potential downfalls and risk of investing with money partners
  • Strategies on how to negotiating your structures
  • A simple strategy of how to ‘structure hack’ other people deals
  • Scaling from small deals to bigger deals and working with the public
  • Crossing the point from Real Estate into securities, what are some of the guidelines
  • Some baseline information on securities and how to ‘cover your assets’
  • At what point do you start outsourcing and looking for help
  • What the next 5 years hold for each of the experts on the panel

… and so much more.

We are so blessed to have these amazing investors in our community.  Honoured and humbled to share them with you.  You have the opportunity to Stand on The Shoulders of Giants.


Enjoy this episode…

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