How do you turn messy deals into opportunities?

One way is “selling by storytelling”—and Trevis McConaghy has mastered the fine art of doing that on top of being a veteran at finding hidden value in properties.

Another way is to get the dime every time and to move with velocity.

In this third and final part of the interview, Trevis offers advice for people who do not have the experience that he has. He shares an anecdote about a joint venture deal that illustrates how he structures deals and clarifies a misconception about capital. He also talks about what he learned from his travels and how he applies it in his real estate investments.

Key Takeaways:

  • On overcoming fear, reflecting and redirecting, and swinging for success in singles
  • The 4Ms—money, mortgage, management, and mastery
  • The Pierre-Paul(?) model—clean up the problem and refinance the equity
  • How Trevis structures successful joint venture deals
  • Trevis’ vision for the future

And so much more…

If you have aspirations to invest in real estate full-time, tune in to this episode and then take the leap!



Enjoy this episode…

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RWP 090-(Pt. 3) From Running a Farm to Building a Real Estate Empire with Trevis McConaghy

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