One way to make it big in real estate is to buy better quality properties and get better tenant profiles in better areas. But what if you’re new to real estate and you don’t have the funding or you lack the know-how?

I’ve got two words for you: joint ventures.

In this episode, I chat with Sir Colin Campbell and Gary McGowan as a guest on The Not So Black and White Real Estate Podcast. I weigh in on speculation, appreciation, and inflation—things that potential investors should look out for when getting into real estate besides the fundamentals and cash-flowing properties.

Get ready to go back to school because I have a simple explanation for joint ventures. I also talk about the importance of aligning with a mentor.

Tune in until the very end because I dive deep into:

  • How rapid growth without underlying fundamentals that drive the cash flow of the business is a recipe for failure
  • My “3-2-1-free” model
  • The 3 pillars of success in real estate—what you buy, where you buy, and who you rent it to
  • The 4M principle for joint ventures—money, mortgage, management, and mastery

And so much more…

Sir Colin Campbell and Gary McGowan have been professional real estate investors since 2008. They are currently affiliated with the Keller Williams Realty Centres where Gary is general manager. Colin is one of the company’s brokers and co-chair of the Keller Williams Agent Leadership Council’s Growth Committee.



Enjoy this episode…

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