No one knows what the future holds, but wouldn’t it be great if you did?

What if you had a sneak peek of the future—even just the near future? Imagine how that knowledge could benefit your personal life or your business. You would know what pitfalls to avoid and what opportunities to take advantage of.

Well, you’re going to want to tune in to my conversation with Randall Reashore of Ontario Assets because I am going to share my predictions for Canadian real estate markets.

Nothing is really certain when it comes to real estate, and ultimately, you are the one who gets to call the shots; but this forecast is based on research studies and insights that Randall and I have. Stick around until the very end because we go into not just real estate but also personal development.

Keep a pen and paper handy because we talk about:

  • Getting your WHY stronger than your limitations
  • Buying for cash flow, holding a portfolio for 15 years, and repurposing capital
  • The housing shortage in Canada coupled with an influx of people
  • The big trends Randall is seeing and my thoughts on the Alberta market
  • Over-communicating with JV partners
  • My top 4 tips for new real estate investors
  • The power of having a vision board
  • The 5-second rule and the importance of acknowledging the champions in your life

And so much more…

Randall Reashore is an investment realtor and the director of Ontario Assets, which he started as a full-time venture in 2016. As an investor, he sees undervalued opportunities, takes those assets to their highest and best use, and creates massive returns. He is a member of numerous GGTA Real Estate investment clubs and has worked with multiple coaching and mastermind groups.



Enjoy this episode…

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