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Rich Dad Poor Dad, was one of the first books that started me on my Entrepreneurial and Real Estate investing journeys. One of the concepts in Robert Kiyosaki book series describes is;

Build Businesses and use the money from your Business to Invest in Real Estate.

That mantra fits this interview perfectly. I want to introduce you to one of my critical go-to experts and a business partner on some of my Edmonton properties; Jason Mattern.

Jason has been in business and Real Estate for more than 20 years, and he has done it all. Owned properties, multi-family, single family, developed land, built brand new houses, Condo converted, owned Real Estate brokerages and Property Management companies.

To Jason’s best estimation he has helped Real Estate investor transact more to 2,000 deals as an investment focused Realtor.

As you will soon see when Jason & I shot this interview, it was a hot summer day, and there may have been a few ‘adult beverages’ consumed during this four-segment video interview.

In this interview Jason and I discuss:

  • How to own a portfolio of properties FREE & CLEAR, and why this should be the goal of ALL Real Estate investors
  • How to balance the requirements of a family life while owning and building a Real Estate business
  • Some of the critical business lessons his Dad taught him more than 30 years ago.
  • Some of the biggest mistakes rookie investors make
  • How Jason discovered the virtues of brand new construction properties
  • Dealing with some massive business blunders, and how to always have a smile on your face when dealing with the shitty situations
  • How to handle the pressures of not having a steady income
  • How to deal with the tough conversations you will have in business
  • What it takes to succeed in the Real Estate business for the long-term
  • Jason even shares with us a couple of ‘wake-up’ calls he recently had that proves how short and fragile life truly can be.

And so much more…

About Jason Mattern, CEO & President- TriUrban Inc.

A committed husband and proud father of two fantastic kids. Loves hockey, fishing and generally being in the outdoors.

Jason has been in the Real Estate Industry since 1998. Involved in construction development since 2003. Built and owned two real estate brokerages and property management firms.

As an Investment Realtor Jason has structured and transacted over 2,000 deals for real estate investors from around the world.


Enjoy this episode…

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