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What if the Real Estate market where you live is not optimal for Real Estate Investing Success?Where do I invest is one of the most popular questions I hear weekly.  I do not have an attachment to what market you choose to invest in.

My main concern is why you are investing in your chosen market and is that market working hard for you to accomplish your goals.  You work hard for your money, and your Real Estate market should be working as hard as you are to make you a healthy return on your investment (ROI).

I remember a presentation I attended that featured a key by Kevin O’Leary (aka Mr. Wonderful).  Kevin can be a bit hardcore and extreme with his point of view, but you can get his intended message with his following quote.

“Money is my military, each dollar a soldier. I never send my money into battle unprepared and undefended. I send it to conquer and take currency prisoner and bring it back to me.”

What do you do if your home (where you live) Real Estate market is not optimal for investment properties?

You may be up against a myriad of challenges such as;

  • anemic economic activity
  • outflow of people
  • low rents
  • high prices
  • low growth
  • unfovourable Government policies

… And the list could go on.

In this Video & Podcast episode, we address if you find yourself looking to invest in other markets (outside of where you live), how do you tackle this safely, securely, and without fear.

Back once again is my good friend, Realtor, business partner, Jason Mattern, of TriUrban Real Estate.  We go deep into the process of investing in out of town markets.

Understand Jason and & I talk about the Edmonton market.  If your target investment market is not Edmonton, no worries, pay attention to the process and the step-by-step details we cover.

Our main intention is to educate you on the process of out of town investing, and you can apply this process to any market you choose as your target market.

Plus, in this episode, there is an underlying thread and tactical information of;

  1. Building your team
  2. Working with a Realtor
  3. Outsourcing your property search (you don’t have to do this all yourself)
  4. Running your Real Estate as a business
  5. Having the right people take care of many of the details of your property acquisition

And much more.

Enjoy the deep dive look into out of town investing success.

We cover a ton of information about investing out of Province in this video, and if you’d like to learn more about the Edmonton Market, or take the next step in finding your perfect investment property, use the link below

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