Source Opportunities & Acquire Funding. The $725K Vendor Take-back Case Study

In order to build a portfolio of properties you need to:

  1. Source investment opportunities
  2. Acquire the capital to buy your properties

In this video, Raising Capital Academy member, Michael Bugg is going to share with you a case study how he secured a VTB and Raised the capital to purchase one of his latest projects.

Mike is going to take you through the 4 step process how he:

  • Found this opportunity- a detailed off-market marketing campaign
  • Relationship building with the seller- negotiating directly with the decision maker
  • Educated the seller- delivering what the seller was looking for
  • Executed the deal- the detailed action steps

… and how you can duplicate this model for your target market.

This video is an in-depth masterclass and is absolute Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

Enjoy this episode…

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RWP 011- The $725K Vendor Take-back Case Study

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