The Buck Stops With You! How To Be Accountable, And Failure is Not an Option.

Very honoured to share with you, once again, one of my early mentors, Arlen Dahlin. As I’ve shared with you in a previous episode, one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made during challenging times was to go it alone, play small, and ‘pretend’ I had it all figured out.

This podcast episode is another one of the conversations I’m having to; seek wisdom, talking with people that have gone through more challenging times, having conversations with them, and sharing all the insights with you.

My clear intention is to provide you with real-life tools, support, guidance, and leadership during these challenging times.

Enjoy these veteran insights, focus, and actions. The role-playing conversations alone that Arlen & I shared with you are priceless.

Enjoy this episode…

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RWP 005- Failure Is NOT An Option

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