Return of The #JVJEDI…

Had the great honour to be interviewed on the top rated Canadian Real Estate investing Podcast. Breakthrough Real  Estate Investing Podcast, featuring Rob Break and Sandy McKay.

On this podcast episode we discussed the following topics in depth…

  • How to become a “JV Jedi” and raise money for your real estate deals
  • When & why to raise money for your real estate deals
  • The biggest obstacles real estate investors need to overcome to be successful
  • Where to find investors to partner with
  • What life is like as a full time real estate investor
  • One of the most underrated skillsets you need to master in order to Raise Capital
  • And much, much more!

Enjoy the Podcast Episode

Link below…

Episode 75: Russell Westcott the “JV Jedi” on Raising Money for Real Estate Investments – Rob Break & Sandy Mackay: Canadian Real Estate Investors

(note the above link should take you to the page, you may need to find the specific link for Episode #75… Apple Podcasts make it difficult to actually share these links)

Meet Rob Break, co-host of the Break through Real Estate Investing Podcast.

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Russell Westcott
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Return of The #JVJedi…

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