Alberta Real Estate; Is It Time To Buy, Sell or Hold…

Attention Real Estate Investors looking for your next investment opportunity.  If you are interested in Real Estate investing you have no doubt heard rumblings about the Alberta market, and I imagine you fall within one of these three camps:

Concerned– You may already have bought some properties in Alberta you have been on the economic roller coaster for the past few years.  You are looking for an update and some information on what to do next (buy, sell or hold).

Curious– You have been looking ‘over the fence,’ and you have heard the rumblings.  You are looking for the next up and coming market, perhaps you don’t even live in Alberta, and you are seeking to confirm if there a real opportunity or only hype?

Committed–  Perhaps have already made up your mind and you are diving in with both feet.  You are looking for some further information confirming your decision, and you are on the hunt for more opportunities.

In This Video, You Will Discover…

  • Answers:  An in-depth conversation focused on the top question you deal with on a daily basis: “Alberta Real Estate; is it time to buy, sell or hold”?
  • Opportunities:  You may be curious about the headlines you are reading, and you want to separate the hype from the hyperbole.
  • Market Trends:  The key reported trends in the media PLUS the insider-in-the-trenches information you will not hear reported.
  • What to Watch Out For:  Before fully making a decision you want to see the whole picture
  • Follow The Money:  How the ‘deep pocket’ investors are looking at the Alberta Real Estate market.

Please note; this video was shot at specific time (Fall 2017), and I’m going to leave it online as a ‘stake in the ground’ and some predictions were made in this video.  We can revisit it again in the future, and see if the predictions hold true.


Note: This video was originally presented in fall of 2017, and I’m going to keep it online.  When it comes to forecasting, the old saying of …

Only Time Will Tell

Rings true

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Real Estate Market Update- Alberta

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