Real Estate Investing is NOT For Everyone

Wait… What?

The start of this blog post sounds very negative, and harsh. What’s up? Usually, these blog posts are all positive, inspiring and encouraging.

So, what’s up with this one?

Not everyone is cut out for success within Real Estate investing, heck many days I question if I have what it takes to be a Real Estate Investor, and I have been doing this for more than 17 years.

Real Estate investing is hard, challenging, a long-term game, and you have to love the process.

Because if you do not love it, on the shitty days, you may want to pack it in and call it quits.

One of my favourite videos on this, was a rare interview with the late Steve Jobs

“If you don’t love it… you are going to fail” ~Steve Jobs

Before you take the leap into Real Estate investing, a couple of critical things to consider…

Success in Real Estate is NOT about:

  1. Where you come from
  2. Your upbringing
  3. Your previous experience
  4. Your current connections or network
  5. Your ‘traditional education’ level
  6. Your current resources available

Personally, from investing for the past 17+ years and coaching investors for more than 15 years, I have seen;

… Real Estate Investors succeed that have started with less than nothing (I’m included in this camp).

… Real Estate Investors fail that seemingly had everything going for them.

… and everything in-between.

Success in Real Estate IS about having:

  1. A hunger- to change, to elevate, to aspire and to keep pushing
  2. A burning desire–  a reason more significant than just ‘owning some properties’
  3. Maybe even a bit of a chip on your shoulder–  to prove others wrong (this is good for some short-term motivation/fuel, but not a long-term success model) >> more on this topic here.
  4. Resourcefulness– everything is ‘figuroutable’ if you stick with it and commit to finding the answers
  5. Most Importantly you need to have a WILLINGNESS TO;

INVEST in yourself, your education and your personal development
SURROUND yourself with people taking action
… Learn from the people DOING and not just talking about it
DO THE WORK, learn and master the process. Be the hardest worker in the room, and have an unquenchable thirst to keep moving forward
… Play the LONG GAME, success in Real Estate takes years if not decades, are you prepared to go the distance?
… Be COACHABLE, with a desire to help inspire and encourage others.

A few thoughts to help you decide if Real Estate Investing is for you and if you have what it takes.

My final statement and encouragement for you… if you are willing to do what is prescribed above.

Real Estate is one of the greatest generational wealth vehicles around.  You will be able to afford all the rewards and lifestyle you have dreamed of…

“If you are willing to do whatever it takes, you can afford to do whatever you want”  ~RW

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Russell Westcott
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Real Estate Investing is NOT For Everyone

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