Make Your Real Estate Investing Decisions Based Upon Research…

[As of the posting of this blog post] About 10 months ago we hired an independent research firm to identify the top areas in and around Edmonton for Real Estate investing.  We believe in research and making all your investment decisions based upon the economic fundamentals.

This research identified some specific areas in the Edmonton market, but also identified Fort Saskatchewan and Leduc as up and coming opportunities.  Based upon this research we have secured land positions in 3 different Edmonton communities and prime investment grade opportunities in both Fort Saskatchewan and Leduc.

This past weekend, the research team from the Real Estate Investment Network released their top 10 Alberta Investment towns.

The top 4 investment opportunities, according to the Real Estate Investment Network are:

#4- Fort Saskatchewan
#3- Leduc
#2- Calgary
#1- Edmonton

It’s always comforting to your have your investment decisions backed by the research.


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Real Estate Investing Based on Research

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