New Chapters…

Open Letter to All Members of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN):

From the Desk of Russell Westcott

The First Chapter…

It all started with a fast car on the road to nowhere. Picture this: a white SVT Ford Mustang Cobra convertible, flying down the highway, top down, wind whipping through… my fingertips. I thought I had it going on, but in reality was going in reverse, financially speaking.

I often make the joke that I have been investing in real estate since the turn of the century, circa 2000. At that time, I was just turning 30 and the only thing, I thought, going for me was a cool car. Unfortunately, having a fast car was not a solid foundation for creating long-term generational wealth; as a matter of fact it was detrimental.

It was time to start thinking about my financial future.

Milestone birthdays are always good for these life’s reflection moments, after all hitting the ripe age of 30 is cause for reflection, and time to cure yourself from a self-diagnosed ‘Peter Pan’ syndrome.

There was a healthy dissatisfaction going on in my life, and I decided to take full control of my financial future. My journey all started after reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” as a recommendation from a financial planner (aka mutual funds sales person).

One of the core principles in that book that struck home was “Build Businesses and Invest in Real Estate”. Investing in real estate really resonated, considering I had never bought a property in my life and was renting a basement suite with a roommate it sounded like this was a perfect fit for someone with my extensive experience… right?

After being stuck in a book reading phase, I decided to take some action and signed up for a workshop in Burnaby, British Columbia with promises of ‘Making Money with Real Estate’.

Upon reflection, attending that workshop has turned out to be an inflection point in my professional and personal life. It was at this event that I first met Don R. Campbell, and I won a coveted prize of a research report titled “Top 10 Places to Invest”.

I was instantly inspired by how much Don had accomplished at such a young age, plus the amazing success the Members of his community have transacted. Heck, at that time Members of the Real Estate Investment Network had transacted an impressive 4,452 properties (for the record this number has now surpassed 37,500 Member-reported transactions).

REIN Members take action. I wanted to be part of this group and surround myself with likeminded investors. The decision to join this community has proven to be a cornerstone on my journey towards success.

The Second Chapter…

Diving in with both feet. After joining REIN there was no looking back. Over the past 16 years I estimate I have invested more than $270,000 in real estate and personal development training.

I can decisively say that my investment within REIN, Membership and being part of the executive team, has provided the highest ROI of any of the programs I have taken. Unlike any program that I invested in, my REIN Membership stood the test of time and each and every month it delivered value and tangible results.

Our REIN community provides tremendous value and service to real estate investors and business entrepreneurs, and I will be a REIN Member for life.

To the people I worked with on the REIN team, your commitment and dedication to serve is second to none. I will miss the incredible energy and enthusiasm that working alongside you has provided me over the years. I am proud to say I have been trained by the best of the best. I am “REIN-made” and that training has had a profound impact on who I am as a person today.

The entire team at the Real Estate Investment Network lives the S.I.M.P.L.E (Significantly Impacting Many People’s Lives Everyday) philosophy and has all REIN Members’ best interests at heart.

I am honoured and humbled to have had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest, brightest and most influential thought leaders in the real estate and personal development fields, on and off the stage at the REIN events.

As amazing as these people were, I have been profoundly touched, moved and transformed by all of you: the REIN Members whom I have connected with.

Your stories of perseverance, relentless pursuit of excellence and flourishing in the face of insurmountable obstacles have been like oxygen for me during many of the challenging times.

From seeing someone with a stutter become one of the highest decorated Toastmasters professionals, to the countless others who started with nothing and now inspire, serve and teach others world-wide how to flourish. You, my REIN community, inspire me.

Your stories are endless, and from the bottom of my heart I wanted to thank you for your unwavering support, your uncompromising motivation and your continuous inspiration. Beginning as a shy, introverted small-town boy from Saskatchewan, I will always be indebted for the love and acceptance each REIN Member has shown me and my entire family.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from this chapter, from hearing your rousing stories of possibilities, designing your life on purpose and living your REINlife is that it’s not about the money you create through real estate. It’s about what the money will do for you and your family, who you become on the journey and how you can help others.

I can’t wait to connect with you again at upcoming REIN workshops.

The Next Chapter…

Things have come full circle. I’m very excited to be a REIN Member again. This next chapter is about what’s next as I continue to elevate, design and build the next layer of my REINlife.

Observing other motivating REIN Members and hearing your stories of fully designing and embracing your REIN lives has inspired me to take everything I learned over the past 13 years as part of REIN’s executive team and will be implementing these real estate investing strategies on a full-time basis.

Myself and my business partner, find the opportunities at hand too amazing to let pass by, so we are going all-in. We have painted a vivid vision for the next 10+ years filled with creativity, innovation and a bit of badass disruption all fuelled by ambitious dreams of contribution and service.

This is not a good-bye; it is just a new chapter. Lately I find I’m so excited I can barely stop talking about this new adventure. It has been difficult to sit still, get some sleep or even hold a consistent thought in my head.

This is the excitement only a person who is living their REINlife can have. A person at the start of a long epic journey whose conclusion is uncertain.

I hope our paths will cross again soon.

One Final Message…

Live every day and every moment in alignment with what inspires you. Show up fully, wholeheartedly, leave people feeling inspired and encouraged in every encounter and always come from a place of love.

Whatever excites you, stay true to yourself and find your authentic voice. Once you find that voice, listen to it, trust it, for what it is telling you is the truth.

Let your voice and your inspiration be the path to living your dreams. Once you discover your dreams… over deliver. I truly believe you have zero limitations. Everything can be yours.

Live the REINlife. Now go get it!

Mic drop #BOOM

Russell, Out.

Russell Westcott
#Inspire #Encourage #Love


New Chapters

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