Get in the Game…

One of my favorite stories, one that I often use in my public speaking appearances.

(Video Courtesy of Steve Hartman CBS News)

This inspiring story shows the power of what can happen when you are given a shot and get in the game.

Sometimes all it takes, after years of hard work, someone offers you a chance, your big break, and you finally get an opportunity.

Then when you get your chance, your first shot inevitably misses badly.  When your first shot misses, stay the course and keep shooting.

Magic happens when you get in the game, take your best shot, when your first shot falls short, keep shooting… in time you will become as ‘hot as a pistol.’

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

~Wayne Gretzky

Get in the game today

Russell Westcott
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Magic Happens When You Get In The Game

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