Is Edmonton Real Estate A Good Investment? (Spoiler Alert- YES!)

In this video, join me and Jason Mattern from TriUrban Real Estate in an in-depth discussion about why the Edmonton Real Estate Market is an investors dream, providing both cash flow and growth opportunities.

We walk through some of the cash flowing properties available.

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In this video we cover:

0:00 // Introduction
1:03 // A good Pro Forma
3:53 // Going through a case-study of an Edmonton cash flow property
7:23 // Debt coverage ratio
9:27 // Estimated 5 year net equity return on an Edmonton investment property
14:07 // Interest rates
15:56 // Understanding overall cash flow on an Edmonton property 19:38 // Summary of Edmonton investment opportunities
24:05 // Closing

Resources & Links Mentioned

Interested in Edmonton- >> HERE

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Is Edmonton Real Estate A Good Investment?

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