Stay Hungry, Be Humble…

20+ Years, 600+ Properties… Part 5

Be warned awkward ‘guy emotion’ in this video 😄…

Part 5 and final segment of this video series.  If you have watched all five segments of the series… thank-you.  If you haven’t watched them all, no worries they are all online for you to revisit at your own schedule (all links below).

“Whatever It Takes, I’ll Make It Right”

~Arlen Dahlin

Plus, if you prefer to listen to audio, instead of watch videos, check out the link below where you can download and save all the audio files.

A fitting ending to this amazing interview, Arlen and I covered the following topics:

  • Whats next for Arlen
  • Simplifying your portfolio and your life, so you can start buying back your time.
  • Giving back and inspiring a new generation of Real Estate Investors.
  • Staying hungry, keep learning and always be humble in your journey.
  • Make sure you watch to the end where Arlen shares with you his final inspiring words if you are feeling stuck, and not sure what to do next.

And much more…

Thank you for all your feedback, and to subscribing to my YouTube channel… we’re only getting warmed up.

Some people have requested getting an AUDIO VERSION of this content. Perhaps watching videos is not your thing and you want to access the information via audio.

We got you covered…

CLICK HERE to download a .zip folder with the complete audio from all five segments of this interview.


Make sure you check out the other 4 segments of this 5 part masterclass:

We’re just getting warmed up, stay tuned for the next videos coming your way including:

  • Working With Your BFF- Financing Strategies For Real Estate Investors, so you can keep securing financing in today’s tougher lending environment.
  • How to Pick A GREAT Real Estate Agent, so you can first access to the great investment opportunities.
  • Overcoming Your Biggest Real Estate Investing Obstacles, so you can grow and scale a portfolio of properties.
  • The Where to Invest Checklist, so you can invest with confidence and avoid the money pits.
  • The Journey to a $100 Million Real Estate portfolio. The next 4 part video interview series.

So much more to come.

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How To Start, Grow & Scale A Real Estate Portfolio Part 5

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