Aligning, Negotiating, And The ‘Art & Science’ of Structuring Win/Win Deals…

20+ Years, 600+ Properties… Part 4

I have been investing in Real Estate for almost 20 years now and training Real Estate investors for more than 16 years.  When it comes to working with your money partners and closing the deal, the part that separates the rookies from the professionals, is… STRUCTURING YOUR DEALS.

This is where the rubber hits the road, and we tackle this topic head on.

Specifically in this segment, Arlen & I dive deep into the following:

  • How do you determine the ownership splits, so you can create win/win deals.
  • The simple 4 pillars of structuring a good deal, so you can easily and confidently explain the deal to your potential money partners.
  • The age old ‘chicken & the egg’ scenario. Do you find the deal first or the money partner first?
  • Strategies that are working in today’s market vs 20 years ago (this answer may surprise you)
  • How to handle, if you money partner asks you to “send me a copy of your Joint Venture agreement”.

And much more…

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How To Start, Grow & Scale A Real Estate Portfolio Part 4

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