How to Handle All Investor Objections Head-on and Flip Them On Their Heads.

20+ Years, 600+ Properties… Part 3

Picture this… me, Russell, late 2002 (still bald 👨‍🦲).

I’m making my first investor presentation pitch, yikes.

Looking for a co-worker, a friend of mine, to invest $40K on the first piece of Real Estate I ever bought, an investment property in another city.

On the outside, I’m calm, cool, and collected. All my ducks in a row, presentation package all printed, multiple copies on hand, ready to rock… On the inside, I’m full of self-doubt, questioning everything, and completely unsure if this ‘real estate thing’ is gonna work out.

I was so nervous, shaking so bad, and my knee was banging against the leg of the table. The rumble was so loud it sounded like a water pipe was about to burst in the wall.

Deep breath. “You got this, Rusty“.

And then it happens… my friend started sharing with me his ‘objections,’ his points of resistance.

“Why are you getting 50% of the deal?”

“Can you pay my line of credit interest?”

“I’m taking all the risk, and putting up all the capital? What are you doing?”

“I need to talk to my wife first!”

… The list goes on.

Then I remember back to my training, to hearing the ‘magic words’ from one of my early mentors, Arlen Dahlin.

In this video, Arlen and I dive headfirst into investor objections and how to handle them with grace, ease, and precision.  At the end of the next two videos, you will understand objections aren’t something to be afraid of, and they’re part of the process as you start, grow, and scale a portfolio of properties.

Capital is required to buy properties, and you need to Raise Capital from other people to build the portfolio of your dreams.  The Real Estate Investors who have heard the most objections, and have persevered, are the ones who have raised the most money building the most significant portfolios.

When you know what’s holding people back from saying heck yes to your offer, you can address their resistance head-on.  You don’t have to tiptoe around it — instead, you can have a clear conversation, addressing all their concerns.   Conquering your fear of objections is one of the most important skills you can have in the Real Estate Investing world.

But I want you to do more than overcome your fear. I want you to welcome objections and see them for what they are — not a NO but an invitation to have a conversation.

Never let an objection trip you up again.

Enjoy, and make sure you watch this often and share the video with someone who needs it…

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How To Start, Grow & Scale A Real Estate Portfolio Part 3

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