20 Years… 600+ Properties!

To succeed and build a portfolio of Properties, you need the following:

  • Fortitude to stick it out over the long-term
  • Access to capital.

In this following 5 part video series, we will be covering these two topics in detail.

I had the great honour to sit down with one of my early mentors in the game of Real Estate. Arlen Dahlin.

Arlen has made such a measurable impact on my journey and has made a positive impact on the trajectory of many up and coming aspiring investors.

The biggest take-aways gained from this interview and learn over the years from Arlen:

  • It is possible to build a portfolio without using your capital
  • It is possible to Raise capital from others
  • Building a portfolio of properties is a step-by-step process
  • Fall in love the process
  • How you ‘show up’ and treat others in this game is critical to your longevity
  • And I can do it… probably the most important thing I learned from Arlen.

There were so many details to cover on this topic that we broke the video out into five segments.

Make sure you check out the other 4 segments of this 5 part masterclass:

About Arlen Dahlin:

Arlen has been investing in Alberta for more than two decades, and since 1995 he has transacted over 700 properties.

Arlen became a real estate millionaire in his thirties, and he is an expert in raising capital through joint venture relationships. He estimates the valuation of his current portfolio is north of $25 Million, with a mixture of Single Family, Multi-family, commercial and development projects on the go.

This interview will be one that you will come back to often.

We filmed this video on location at Arlen’s retirement property, the place where he goes to get away from it all. Just wait to you see this amazing ‘lifestyle space’.

Make sure you watch all five segments to get the full story.

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How To Start, Grow & Scale A Real Estate Portfolio Part 1

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