Worries About Coronavirus? How To Play Both Defence & Offence With Your Real Estate

(FYI, defence first, and defence wins championships)

I’m a firm believer with the challenging times, we are facing right now, there are three essential areas of our life we need to take care of, In order of importance (my opinion):

  1. Your Health
  2. Your Psychology
  3. Your Finances, your personal economy & your Real Estate portfolios

In this video, I’ll touch on all three of these critical elements, with the bulk of the time spent on bucket #3 (your personal economy).

I’ve been through ‘similar’ times as what we are experiencing. I say similar because these are unprecedented times. I do not profess to know all the answers (nobody does), but I do have experience and insights to share (the grey hairs in the beard, have been earned).

Now is the time to engage, to be informed, lean in to the work, and be part of the process.

Understand how your cognitive bias will play a role in your perception and the actions you take

Discover the following:

  • Help you play both Defence and Offence (hint, defence first)
  • Taking care of business. Take care of your 3 pillars of health
  • The big mistakes I made during the last challenging time, and how you can avoid these
  • Stepping up and take control of your portfolio- Build three contingency plans for implementation
  • Simple, simple, simple things that you can do every day.
  • When its time to go on the offence

… And more.

During challenging times, time for vigilance, lean in, ask for help, and don’t fall asleep at the switch.



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How To Play Both Defence & Offence With Your Real Estate

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