How to Find a Great Real Estate Investment Agent For Investment Properties.

Real Estate Investing is a team game

You must have the best of the best team members on your side. You are investing your hard earned money and potentially investing hundreds if not millions of dollars of capital into your properties, you need a great Real Estate agent on your team.

A few great questions to ask any potential Investor Agent:

  1. Do you like working with Investors?
  2. Why do you invest in Real Estate?
  3. What is your experience?
  4. How many homes have you sold to Real Estate investors?
  5. Do you currently own investment properties?
  6. If yes, where, how long, and what type do you personally own?
  7. Do you understand ROI, Cashflow and other Key investment metrics?
  8. What type of properties should I look at, and why?
  9. Do you have a local knowledge?
  10. How well connected are you with the investment community?
  11. How many Real Estate investors are you working with?
  12. What is your criteria to analyze a Real Estate investment opportunity?
  13. What is your specialty?
  14. What separates you from the other Realtors I have talked to?

… Bottom line… what is the best Real Estate Investment you have, and why?

BONUS tips.

It’s great to interview your agent and ask them all the tough questions… but more important than the answers to my questions.

I’m very interested in the questions they ask me. The quality of the questions they ask me (the investor) will determine if they are interested in a transaction or a long-term relationship.


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How to Find a Great Real Estate Investment Agent For Investment Properties

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