How to Earn An Income As A Full-time Real Estate Investor (Part 1 of 4)…

4-Part Masterclass Interview

For many of you, you are looking to make the leap (if you haven’t already) into the realm of full-time investor, but how do you put the groceries on the table and afford to pay yourself, when the cash flow on your portfolio is running tight.

Exclusively in this interview upcoming learn the hard lessons, from the trenches, from someone who invests full-time and earns and income from the day-to-day business operation.

In this interview, I have a wonderful conversation with my good friend and Real Estate Investor, Mike Ponte, and we covered topic such as:

  • Implementation strategies to accelerate your growth
  • Strategies on how make an income from Real Estate
  • How to live off your Real Estate investments
  • Mike’s investment presentation (it’s not what you think)
  • The best advice he received (from an unlikely source)
  • Mike’s lead generation activities
  • His current business structures
  • How Mike charges acquisition, disposition and administration fees, and why his money partners thank him for it.
  • Senior organizational strategies (Property Management / Bookkeeping)
  • How to handle the tough conversations and actually turn them into selling opportunities
  • Advice he would give himself, if he was starting over and would he do anything differently
  • His final words of inspiration

… And much more

Video Interview Part #1

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How to Earn An Income As A Full-time Real Estate Investor (Part 1 of 4)

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