Today We are Talking About Acquiring Apartment Buildings…

[Facebook LIVE] With Rockstar Real Estate Investor Mike Bugg from YXE Real Estate Group, based out of Saskatoon.

Mike is right in the middle of acquiring an apartment building in Saskatoon, and we are going to share some of the stories on his journey.


  • Finding off-market deals
  • Negotiating with the sellers directly
  • Securing seller financing
  • Raising the capital to close
  • Due diligence
  • Handling the curve balls that come your way

The deal we are going to talk about today has been an on-going process with many twists and turns in the process, including a potential ‘deal killer’ item that has surfaced.

Enjoy this in-depth case-study and look into acquiring an Apartment building.

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How To Buy Apartment Buildings

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