Canadian Real Estate Market Concerns

Canadian Housing Market Predictions for the Remainder of the Year

The Canadian housing market has been red hot over the past years, but there are a few storm clouds on the horizon that will impact the future housing market growth.

In this video, join me and Ben Rabidoux from Edge Analytics for a Real Estate discussion about a concerning trend overhanging a couple of localized markets that could cause a market price drop.

PS… this video was recorded a few weeks ago, and the one big trend we talked about is already coming true.

Video Chapters:

0:00 // Introduction
0:06 // Risks in the real estate market
0:34 // Interest rates
0:55 // Big market worry
5:00 // Strong market, but feels slower
5:35 // Fundamentals supporting the market
6:35 // Continue your journey

The Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the risks in the current market conditions
  • The era of ‘easy’ Real Estate profits is over, normal market conditions are here
  • Always analyse you Real Estate investments based upon the income it generates and value add opportunity
  • Real Estate is a long-term play, not short term get rich quick
  • Look at your Real Estate investments through lens of decades not months and years

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Canadian Real Estate Market Concerns- Housing Market Predictions

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