Whew! Don’t know about you, but I needed a rest.

Taking a couple of weeks off to unplug from it all completely does wonders for the clarity and headspace.

Welcome, 2019- I read this yesterday, and it resonated…

“Hello WORLD in 2019, I just checked the population clock, and there are 7.67 billion humans. Noticed you are still 6,371 kilometers deep. Have a great 110,000 kilometers an hour lap around the sun, for the next 365 days.”

Nothing monumental has changed since the calendar turned to 2019 (except there are no parking spaces at the gym today), so let’s get to work creating our new year…

“If you are searching for that one person who will change your life… look in the mirror” ~Unknown

What’s your theme for the new year? Please share it with others, and I encourage you to reply to this blog post, I will read it and respond to everyone.

My theme this year is LESS & MORE

LESS bad properties… MORE good properties

Time to prune the underperforming assets, and add higher quality assets to the mix. More purpose-built, rental properties that have been designed from the ground up with our ideal tenant’s needs in mind.

I am continually looking at opportunities, deals, and properties. Let me know if you are interested in tapping into this deal flow, and I can pass along some of the details.

Time to prune, and make room…

Time vs Money Matrix

LESS intake… MORE output

Doesn’t everyone have an eat less exercise more on their New Years resolution list. But this theme can go much deeper than a diet and exercise plan and can apply to almost all areas of your life (except on your P&L statements) 🙂

Time to produce…

LESS perfection… MORE #shootthepuck

This one is corollary the one above, and if you are not familiar with the term ‘shoot the puck’ you may want to watch this video.

Waiting for all the lights to turn green before leaving the garage is a recipe for disaster. The most significant progress comes from doing.

Time to execute more…

LESS Han Solo… MORE Asking for help

I’m a guy, and it’s in our DNA NOT to ask for help.

Pullover and ask for directions is a foreign concept. In the past, if I did not have all the answers I did nothing, waited and withdrew until I had all the answers, this has to change

Time to ask others for help…

LESS playing small… MORE reach

An all too real story…

At a recent team meeting, one of the members suggested that we share our message out to a broader audience and start moving into a North American audience

My first response, was whoa, hold on a minute, we can’t do that… hmmm, interesting first response.

Time to release the parking brake…

LESS caring about what other people think… MORE impact

Embrace the uncomfortableness and understand the negative comments someone makes is about them, and not you.

An excellent book to help deal with this topic is ‘Daring Greatly’ by Brene Brown, and in the very first paragraph she shares the famous quote from Theodore Roosevelt’s “The Man in the Area Speech”:

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better….”

Be true to yourself. Trust a few opinions, and forget the rest.

Remember, its just part of the process and consider this a signpost you are making progress. Some people are going to dislike you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  I am making these statements above as a personal reminder.

Time to be courageous…

LESS ghosting… MORE communication

I just recently heard the term ‘ghosting,’ and apparently, it’s a real thing. The definition is “the practice of ending a relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.”

Expect to have more communication from me in the coming year.

I am very grateful to be welcomed into your inbox, your mobile device and your computer something that I take with great responsibility, and respect. Know that if I am sending you something, it will have value for you.

Plus, make sure you follow all my social media channels as we will be producing exclusive content this year for each of the platforms.

Time to share and inspire…

That’s my list. Please hold me accountable. What’s your theme for the new year?

With all that being said welcome to 2019, let’s get after it…

Russell Westcott
#Inspire # Encourage #Love


Hello 2019… Has Anything Changed?

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