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I have seen lots of talk about the term ‘Hacking’, everything from Bio hacking, Hack your brain, Hack your diet to even Hack your age.

What is Hacking?

In many respects this term has a very negative connotation, ask a golfer if he would like to be referred to as a hacker, or how do you feel if someone has hacked your personal computer?

Perhaps I am missing something with hacking.  Are you taking shortcuts and shortchanging yourself from the opportunity of trial and error, the personal experimentation, doing the work yourself and self-discovery?

Is hacking just the fancy word to appease peoples’ want-the-result-now-consumerism mentality?

OR is hacking the next step in an evolutionary/revolutionary process? 

As Thomas Edison stated

‘The light bulb did not come about from improving on candles’. 

Because someone did the work and ‘hacked the system’ we all can enjoy the benefits of their work.

There are billions of dollars being poured into the whole topic of sensors, body & mind modifications… is that the next level of hacking?

It’s About The Process… The Journey

Personally, my definition of success is:

Success is the pursuit of fulfilling ones true potential

Its all about the process, the journey, and as long as the process of ‘Hacking’ is not shortcutting the journey or creating any bad habits, then this can be a good thing.

However, if you are just using the ‘Hack’ to get out of doing the work and the process… that can be dangerous and potentially form bad habits.

Here is a great video I recently watched “The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong Amy Morin” which talks about our bad habits are just as (or even more) powerful than our good habits.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Russell Westcott
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Hacking? Are You Short Changing Yourself?

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