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Had the incredible honour of being a guest on Erwin Szeto’s podcast.  Have known Erwin (aka Mr. Hamilton) for more than ten years, and he is someone that is making a measurable impact both in the Real Estate Investing community and his local community (with his basket brigades).

Erwin and I had an opportunity to sit down and share some real and raw stories about what it takes to be successful investing in Real Estate for the long-term.

We shared the Good the Bad and the Ugly


### start podcast show notes ###

From Renting a Basement to Almost 100 Properties. Joint Venture Jedi Russell Westcott.

Our show guest is none other than best selling author Russell Westcott who co-authored the book “Real Estate Joint Ventures” with Don R Campbell.

I met Russell back in 2008 as a green investor at the Real Estate Investment Network’s weekend workshop called ACRE, and he’s always been one of my favourite real estate educators.

He’s on the show to share how he got started and his mistakes and lessons from building a Real Estate portfolio. Russell was buying a property once per month even while having a full-time job as the Vice President of the Real Estate Investment Network.

I even put Russell on the spot to pitch me his latest project he’s raising capital for, and it’s just as impressive as you’d expect.

Without further ado, I give you Russell Westcott, the Joint Venture Jedi.

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### end podcast show notes ###

You will have to let me know how this podcast interview went. I have a hard time listening to myself after something like this has been completed… I guess that is something I’ll have to work on 🙂

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Russell Westcott
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From Renting a Basement Suite…

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