Is Flipping Homes In Canada Worth It – Wait Till You See These Numbers

How to Flip Real Estate in Canada – Flipping Houses in Canada. Real Estate flipping in Canada case study (tips and tricks).

This is a clip from a recent in-depth Podcast episode. Manny Cabral discusses his recent flip project in Barrie, Ontario Canada. Breaking down the exact numbers on his most recent flip project including the cash invested, renovation budgets, total profits and return on investment.

Video Chapters:

0:00 // Introduction
0:13 // House flipping case study
0:30 // The numbers
1:46 // Disclaimer
2:00 // Know your numbers
2:56 // Renovation team
4:38 // Interested in being part of a deal
5:20 // Subscribe today

The Key Takeaways:

  • Know your numbers when flipping homes in Canada
  • Flipping is an advanced strategy
  • Have a team of specialist on your side to ensure success with your flips
  • Marketing is critical to finding the best off-market opportunities
  • Speed and velocity is key to making profits flipping houses in Canada

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Is Flipping Homes In Canada Worth It?

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