Feeling Overwhelmed?

Attention Real Estate Investors. If you have ever felt overwhelmed, and don’t know where even to start? In this video, I share one of my best tips to help overcome the feeling of overwhelm and a quick mental focusing strategy (all wrapped up together in an inspiring story).

Two tips in one…

Tell me if this hits ‘close to home.’ You have massive goals, a giant vision for massive impact on other peoples’ lives and you are labeled as a DREAMER.

For the record I was looking in the mirror when I wrote that first statement, and I’m not alone.

Often you set out on a path, a quest, your calling and it can feel like an uphill climb, a massive undertaking, and something ‘way out there.’

I don’t know about you, the feeling of OVERWHELM can kick in and leave you feeling paralyzed and not sure of what to do next. In this short video, I shared one of my favourite inspirational stories to help keep me focused on WHAT TO DO NEXT.

Plus, included is a bonus tip on an exercise to do, if you don’t even know what the next step is… Please use this, and share this with anyone who needs a quick mental reset to keep moving forward…


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Feeling Overwhelm, and Just Don’t Know Where to Start?

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