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Synergy Real Estate Network

August 29, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm PDT

What’s Stopping You?

Real Estate Investors; How to Eliminate and Crush Your
Real Estate Investment Obstacles & Roadblocks… Forever

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Tell me if this is you.

You have read a Real Estate Investing book (or two), perhaps even attended a workshop, meet-up or even attended a significant and motivating Real Estate conference (or two).

After reading these books, attending these conferences you still are not quite ‘connecting the dots’, and you may be asking the question; “How do I transition from the theory into action, and how are those veteran Real Estate Investors building massive Real Estate portfolios”?


Maybe you have been moving forward, congratulations, you are one of the select few people, you have built a small portfolio of Real Estate properties.  You have even surpassed your wildest acquisition dreams when you first started.

Now… you have the itch for more!  But how do you scale, how do you move to the ranks of the elite, and how do you 10x this Real Estate Investing thing?  You feel like something is holding you back, but can’t quite put your finger on it…

Which camp are you in?

Hi, I’m Russell Westcott, and I’m looking forward to meeting you at the upcoming Synergy Real Estate Meet-up August 29th.

For the past 16+ years, I have been a professional Real Estate Investor and have trained tens of thousands of Real Estate Investors from coast-to-coast.  I have seen and heard it all.

I’ve been there— struggling to build my Real Estate portfolio barely treading water. Flailing away. Many days I didn’t have a clue of what I should be doing and completely stuck…

So, I get it – I really do. I know what it feels like. So, how do you move past what’s holding you back?

In this Exclusive Presentation, You will Discover the Following:

  • The 3 Real Estate Investing Obstacles– understand how all the ‘reasons’ why you are not moving forward can be lumped into three buckets. More importantly than understanding, how you move past your obstacles.
  • Daily Habits & Rituals of Successful Real Estate Investors– Specific steps to take on a daily basis, if done correctly in the right sequence will set you up to take charge and win the day.
  • How To Turbo Charge Your Real Estate Portfolio– No matter where you are in your Real Estate Investing, there is always another level. Discover a simple and robust approach to growing and moving forward.
  • The 10 Action Steps to Real Estate Mastery– A proven simple step-by-step map to move forward towards mastery.
  • And much more

What you are looking for is someone to help show you the path, show you it’s possible, and arm you with the correct process and knowledge to bust through to the next level…

IMPORTANT: none of this is theory. It’s all been proven over and over by successful Real Estate investors.  This training is business-changing, LIFE-changing material. I’ve seen it work, and I’m on a mission to share this information with as many people as I can.

This event is not just a presentation. You will be involved in the process and conversation.  Be prepared to roll up your sleeves, confront some of the crap that’s holding you back, take accountability & responsibility for yourself and most importantly get to work.

If you can’t wait for this event or you are unable to attend live, check out some additional training videos:

About your facilitator, to read my full bio click here:

To connect with Synergy Real Estate Group and view all the details of their events, check out the link below…

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Look forward to seeing you there…

Russell Westcott
#Inspire # Encourage #Love


August 29, 2018
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm PDT


RE/MAX Little Oak Realty (Surrey)
Unit 101 - 15955 Fraser Highway
Surrey, BC Canada
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