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Leaders Share Mastermind

July 24, 2018 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm PDT FREE

So excited to once again join my good friend Rich Danby for the next instalment of the Leader Share Mastermind.  The feedback from the first Leaders Share Mastermind has been overwhelming, positive and supportive.

Check out all the comments and sign up for the private Facebook group >> HERE

My favorite comment came to us in form of an email…

“Hey Rich; This group is a fantastic idea.  Great to hear from everyday, unpretentious guys, their issues re: RE investing, etc. I know this group has a great potential, and addresses a huge need, as you guys outlined on the call, re: community, focusing on solutions vs problems, being transparent, etc. Thanks for getting this together.  There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come .”

If you would like to skip reading all the details of the upcoming Mastermind and instantly register, please use the link below:

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Personal Note from Rich Danby:

Hello Leaders,

Recently when I logged into Facebook I saw a post that read, “I crapped myself on LIVE television!” Now if that was read at face value, your first thought would likely be, “Wow, that’s too much information!” However, the best LEADERS are the ones who are willing to SHARE their vulnerabilities because they know if it can help at least one person, it’s worth it!

The person I’m speaking of is my long-time friend, Derick Fage. He is the Host of Breakfast Television in Montreal and is one of the kindest and classiest people I’ve ever met! Anybody who knows him would be quick to jump in and agree… and they probably will when they see this post on Derick’s Facebook feed. He started his broadcast career in 2004, as the Co-Host of Daytime on Rogers TV, which is where we met.

5 years ago, Derick went public with his personal struggle of living with chronic fecal incontinence since birth. Shortly afterwards he was offered the role of ambassador and champion for the Canadian Continence Foundation, which he accepted in the hopes of helping others who are living with any number of challenges.

“I am so grateful that I was born with a medical issue, as it has shaped the person I am today. It has helped me become a sympathetic, understanding, honest, and kind person. I have worked hard to gain control over my mind, my thoughts, my actions, and I want to share that gift with others.”

~ Derick Fage

About Derick Fage:

In 2012, Derick was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his community work and contributions to charitable organizations.

If you want to be inspired by a LEADER who’s willing to SHARE his incredible story as TV Host, Ambassador, Real Estate Investor, Father and loving husband, then join us on our next LEADERS SHARE webinar. I guarantee you, his positive spirit and outlook on life will rub off on all of us. I am blessed to have him as a friend and I look forward to bringing his story to you!

Rich Danby
President Rich Ottawa Investments

Feel free to share with friends, register today, and please note (there are only 100 spots available)

Click Here to Register

Make sure you have joined our exclusive Facebook group >> HERE

See you soon;

Russell Westcott
#Inspire # Encourage #Love


July 24, 2018
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm EDT


R&R- A Rich & Russ Production

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