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Edmonton Real Estate Investors Association 2019 06 12

June 12, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm PDT $20

How To Build A Real Estate Portfolio…
Even if You Lack The Investment Capital!

Real Estate Investors;

Real Estate Investors;
You have a grand vision, inspiring dreams, and an endless supply of hunger & ambition.

But you’ve probably realized that starting, growing and scaling a Real Estate portfolio isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be, or how it appears on HGTV.

The biggest thing stopping Real Estate investors from building a portfolio of properties is… LACK OF FUNDS.

Don’t let lack of money hold you back.

Raising capital to build your portfolio can be daunting, unless you have a proven formula for success.

An Edmonton Real Estate Investors Association (EREIA) exclusive presentation (June 12) designed to eliminate one of your biggest Real Estate Investment roadblocks…

Rai$ing Capital Presentation- Become The Hunted Not The Hunter– Defining, Understanding And Attracting Your Dream Investors…

  • Discover the E-A-S-Y Money Attraction Strategies– when it comes to raising capital, it is much better to be the hunted rather than the hunter. Learn the correct system, in the proper sequence, and have money partners seek you out. No more ‘cold calling’ and begging investors to work with you.
  • Define With Precision Your Dream Investor– you will create your dream investor persona and know exactly what makes your dream investors tick (their biggest hopes & dreams and their most daunting challenges, fears & concerns). You will become a real solution provider to real-world challenges your dream investors are currently facing.
  • Identify The ‘Key 100’– now that you have defined your dream investors, who controls their attention? Create a detailed, comprehensive and systematic plan to target the ‘gate-keepers’ of your dream client’s attention.

This will be a full-on, roll-up-your-sleeves and get involved in the process presentation. If you are serious about moving forward and learning the ‘art and science’ of Raising Money from other people, drop what you are doing and make it to this event.

If you can’t wait for this event or you are unable to attend live, check out some additional training videos:

About your facilitator, to read my full bio click here:

To connect with the Edmonton Real Estate Investors Association Meet-up and view all the details of their events, check out the link below…

Edmonton Real Estate Investors Association

See you there;

Russell Westcott
#Inspire # Encourage #Love


June 12, 2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm MDT


Chateau Nova Edmonton
13920 Yellowhead Trail
Edmonton, Alberta T5L 3C2 Canada
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