Core Values

Have you taken the time to determined your core values?

Values are a part of you, values represent what you stand for.  Essentially, they are what make you tick.

Values guide your behaviour, providing you with a personal code of conduct.

A fun exercise (and a practice that will last a lifetime), is doing the work to create your list of core values.

I am by no means an expert at this stuff, and there are many great programs and countless books on this subject to tap into that can guide you through this important process.

Here’s are a couple of things that I’ve learned:

  1. Hustle, burning the candle at both ends, work ethic, and drive are critical success habits you must master.  However, these important habits will only get you so far and you will be left short of life fulfillment.
  2. PURPOSE will sustain you, keep you focused and motivated, create meaningful impact, and build a legacy that will stand the test of time.

I have done enough personal development work to share with you a couple of key questions you may want to ask yourself to help identify your core values.

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a kick-starter:

  1. Who are you? and what do you stand for?
  2. How do you want people to feel after every interaction they have with you?
  3. Identify your happiest moments: (what were you doing? Who were you with?  How were you contributing?)
  4. Identify your most fulfilled and satisfied moments: (what were you doing? Who were you with?  How were you contributing?)
  5. What inspires you?

My intention from this post is to encourage you to set aside some time today and ask yourself some questions.

Finally, it’s one thing to determine your core values, create and share your pretty looking infographic, living these values everyday… well, that’s where the real work begins.

My Core Values:

  1. Inspire, Encourage, Love
  2. Accept Responsibility
  3. No Excuses
  4. Do The Work
  5. Your Voice, Your Power
  6. Be The Hero of Your Story
  7. Stay Humble
  8. Wholehearted living
  9. Strength in Vulnerability
  10. Caring
  11. Heartfelt
  12. Selfless
  13. Enthusiastic
  14. Lead by Example
  15. Discipline = Freedom
  16. Deliver Value
  17. Focus
  18. Mistakes & Obstacles Are Great Teachers
  19. Personal Growth; Always Be Learning
  20. Walk Your Talk
  21. All You Need Is Love
  22. Love & Happiness
  23. Family, Time, Freedom
  24. Driven
  25. Relentless

Do the work today.

I’d love to hear what your core values are, drop a comment below or reach out.

Russell Westcott
#Inspire #Encourage #Love


Core Values

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