Russell Westcott Facebook Real Estate Show.  Replay recording.  On a recent Raising Capital Academy implementation webinar, during the share your success story segment.

One of our community members Sam Perren, very nonchalantly shared; “oh ya, and by-the-way we just bought a 49 unit apartment building in Vernon.”

Ho hum, just another day at the office. 🙂

So for today’s live broadcast, we are going to dive into the story:

  • Some of the numbers & details of his recent acquisition
  •  Interesting twists and turns
  • The power of a good cover letter
  • How to Raise the capital to buy properties
  • Why you should become an area expert
  • and more

Sam Perren, is a Real Estate investing expert in Kamloops, BC. He runs a very successful (not for profit) Real Estate group in Kamloops, and has built a $26 million dollar portfolio … and growing.

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Building a $26 Million Dollar Portfolio, and Growing

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