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I am so honoured to bring you this interview.  Arlen has played a monumental role in mine and many Real Estate investors, success and inspiration, across the country.  This is a great opportunity to share Arlen’s wisdom with the next wave of up and coming Real Estate investors.

Enjoy this exclusive interview with Edmonton Real Estate Investor Arlen Dahlin.  Arlen has been investing in Alberta for more than 22 years, and since 1995 he has transacted over 700 properties.

Arlen became a real estate millionaire in his thirties and he is an expert in raising capital through joint venture relationships.  He estimates the valuation of his current portfolio is north of $25 Million, with a mixture of Single Family, Multi-family, commercial and development projects on the go.

In this interview, we covered topic such as:

  • What is one of Arlen’s favorite ‘failures’ or a failure that was a critical step to set you up for future success?
  • What are some of the most significant mistakes Arlen has observed new investors make in today’s real estate market?
  • How long did it take Arlen to be able to live off his portfolio?
  • Arlen’s thoughts on an optimal number of rentals to own?
  • What Arlen enjoys most about Real Estate investing, the least, and what would he do to change it?
  • What he enjoys the most?  Buying? Holding?  Flipping?  Developing?
  • Arlen’s favorite type of property he owns
  • What would Arlen do if he was starting all over again in today’s Real Estate market
  • and so much more


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Real Life Real Estate Investing Story- Arlen Dahlin

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